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Kids are probably the number one reason that our floors and carpets become ruined.  When we have kids they like to run, jump, drop things and much more.  These actions will typically put a lot of wear and tear on our floors.  To help keep our floors clean, commercial carpet cleaning services phoenix az. may be an option you want to look into.  Also, here are some tips that you can also use.


Keep your kids away from paint.  Poster paint, finger paint and other forms of paint can seem like a great way to have your kids pass the time but if the paint spills or otherwise comes in contact with the floor, it can take hours to clean if you can clean it at all.


Clay is another great pastime for kids.  With clay they can sculpt a thousand different things that really let their imagination run free.   With clay however, it can easily be ground in to carpet and other flooring.  As a result, it can be come ruined or may take a lot of effort to have the contents removed.

Play mats

One solution is to give your kids play mats.  These play mats are areas that are large enough for your children to play on and will help protect your floors.  You may want to consider several different mats be used depending on the size of your child and what activity you will have them in, but these are a great solution to protecting your floors.

commercial carpet cleaning services phoenix az.

Gripped socks

One thing that you can do is give your kids gripped socks.  Instead of running around the house in shoes or bare feet you can get them slip proof socks that have a rubber padding on the bottom.  These will allow them to run around your home and not scuff up your floors.

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