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Electrical issues are a very serious problem.  If you have electricity running to your house that is live you can become injured, start a fire or even die.  In our homes and buildings, we have a specific standard that states what type of electrical we can have in our homes. This is known as the code. 

This is why it is important that we hire professionals to work on our electricity and electrical issues.  These trained men and women have the skills, tools and other criteria to make sure that everything is done right.  These electrical contractors lexington ky are licensed, bonded and insured to ensure that if there is a problem it will be fixed.

Know where your main breaker is

electrical contractors lexington ky

You want to know how your house or office works.  The main piece of equipment that you need to be made aware of is the electrical box.  There in the electrical box you will find breakers.  At the top of the breaker box there will be a main breaker.  When you pull this main breaker, all the power to the home is shut off.  This is the safest way to ensure that no one is injured when working on the home.

Grounded tools

When we work with electricity it is important that we are grounded.  This means that there is no electrical conducting material between you and the ground that could allow an electrical current to travel through your body.  To be grounded you want to stand on wood, rubber, concrete and away from water. 

Wear protective gear

When working with electricity you want to work with protective gear.  You want to have boots, gloves and long sleeves.  You will also want to have face and eye protection as well.  There may be times that a spark will fly and you don’t want that in your eye.

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